Hoo St Werburgh Parish Church

At St Werburgh’s we welcome people whatever their background. If you're thinking of visiting one Sunday, you won't need to believe or know anything, there's no dress code, and no-one will put you on the spot. Just come as you are! This page is a general guide to what happens in our services.

The first service, at 8.30 am, is said Holy Communion (there is no singing), following the Book of Common Prayer. This is a small congregation and the service lasts about half an hour.

The next service (usually every Sunday except the first in the month, though this can change) starts at 10 am and is Common Worship Parish Communion. The service is printed in a booklet and the hymns are a mixture of old and new, led by our choir. There is an offering taken during the service, but you are not obliged to contribute. During communion everyone is invited to the rail. If you are not used to taking communion, just bring your service booklet with you and we will know to pray for you rather than offer the wafer. The service usually finishes by 11.10 am.

During two services of the month, we offer a children’s group - Children@10 - suitable for  4–11 year olds who leave during the “Gloria” and return during the “Peace” to join their families for communion. Check the calendar to see whether the children have their own group. We also have a children’s corner suitable for under 4s.

Usually on the first Sunday of the month we have Morning Worship, which is also printed in a booklet and lasts 45 minutes to an hour. 

When there is no children’s group, activities suitable for 4-11 year olds (word searches, colouring etc) are provided in activity bags and can be used at the tables in the side aisle. However, the bag also contains a clipboard and we would encourage children to sit with their parents and take part in the service as much as possible.

We always have refreshments after the service and love to catch up on all the news.

We believe our Sunday gatherings are a special time. That's because we really do believe that God is there with us as we hear his word and respond to him. We expect these times of worship together to make an impact on our lives and relationships.