Hoo St Werburgh Parish Church

What to Expect

At St Werburgh’s we welcome people whatever their background. If you're thinking of visiting Messy Church, you won't need to believe or know anything, there's no dress code, and no-one will put you on the spot. Just come as you are! 

We will ask you to sign in when you arrive and register your details with us so that we can keep in touch via email or text (whichever you choose). We also  have a closed Facebook group which you can ask to join.

There is a donation bowl on the registration table for voluntary contributions towards the cost of the food and craft activities.  

Expect to be at Messy Church for a minimum 1hour 30 mins  up to 2 hours maximum depending on numbers and the fun we are having.

Messy Church always includes food! 

Currently, we are offering drinks and snacks.

Messy Church always includes celebration!

This includes a Bible story and short talk often with your participation, singing (accompanied by YouTube videos), percussion instruments, prayer and a slot to sing 'happy birthday'.

Messy Church always includes craft!

The craft is related to the day's theme or Bible story and usually includes using scissors, glue  sticks and coloured pens. Occasionally there will be painting or a food related activity when aprons are provided. It may be helpful to bring a carrier bag to take home your 'goodies'.

There are also quieter, less messy, activities on offer such as puzzles and word searches or the occasional 'game' such as a 'treasure' hunt. 

Apart from painting, the activities are usually provided as a pack at your table, but at Christmas and Easter you will be encouraged to visit different tables to complete the crafts.

Messy Church always includes conversation!

We are all about building friendships and support networks and encourage everyone to chat and get to know each other as well as taking time to connect with God and explore their faith.

Please talk to us if you have a child with special needs or if you have any suggestions that will help your family to make the most of Messy Church.